Product Strategy

"My product management team has a better understanding of product sales trends and the strategies and product mix that is needed to meet our financial goals." -- VP Product Management

Marketing Strategy

"Demand Analytix provides us with greater insight into the drivers of demand. Also, we forecast the effects of product promotions, and we track sales against those forecasts." -- Director Marketing

Financial Planning

"We used to crank out financial projections based on forecast spreadsheets from product managers. Every month was major crunch time. Demand Analytix has changed all that." -- FP&A Analyst

Automated Product Sales Analysis and Forecasting. Improve forecasting productivity, quality, and consistency.

  • AutoForecast calculates multiple product forecasts in a batch with a single push of a button.
  • For each product, AutoForecast selects the best forecast algorithm and then calculates forecasts for quantity, safety stock requirements, price discount, revenue, gross margin, and gross margin percent.
  • Analyze and forecast product sales by different variables, such as by region, location, channel of distribution, or customer.

Forecast with Events
Add events to calculate their sales impact and to improve forecast accuracy.

  • Events, such as product promotions, outlier big deals, product stockouts, etc., are visually displayed in the chart view.
  • Demand Analytix automatically calculates impact of events on order quantity, revenue, discounts, gross margin, and gross margin %.
  • Quantify past event effects and predict future event impacts -- no more hand waving and guesstimates.
  • Improve forecast accuracy, demand shaping strategies, and organization learning.


Automated Financial Scenarios Review
Enables fast iterations between forecasting and review.

  • Automated roll-ups to the product family, product line, and multiple product line levels. Roll-ups include quantity, revenue, gross margin, and gross margin percent.
  • Review financial impact of current forecast versus a previous forecast or different forecast scenario.
  • Compare forecasts against forecasts imported from Sales.
  • Visualize actual product line revenue and gross margin against goals.

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Deals Estimator
Automatically Estimate the Number of Customer Deals Required to Meet Bookings Target.

  • Simply click on the Deals Estimator button within Forecast Review to view historical, forecasted, and required customer deals.
  • Estimate the required number of deals months in advance to plan Marketing and Sales programs to meet Sales Funnel requirements.
  • Deals Estimator automatically forecasts the number of Repeat and New Customer Deals based on past histories.
  • Forecasts for Average Bookings Size for new and repeat customer deals are automatically generated.
  • Use Deals Estimator to cross-validate and assess whether product forecasts are realistic.


Percent Gross Margin of Each Product Family Within the Servers Product Line


Number of Customers Placing Orders Each Month

Slice and Dice Your Orders to See the Big Picture
Then easily drill-down to get your answers.

  • Our Orders Analysis makes pivoting and charting interactive and a piece of cake.
  • Review sales orders performance for your product lines, the product families that comprise them, and products.
  • Performance metrics include quantity, bookings, discount from list price, gross margin, and gross margin percent.
  • Visualize the trend in number of customers and average bookings per customer.
  • Slice and dice by any field assigned to orders -- such as Country, Region, Channel of Distribution, Account Rep, Industry, etc.

Advantages Over Spreadsheets Contact Sales

Easy collaboration across your product portfolio, unlike spreadsheet silos that impede collaboration.

  • Access data between product managers across product families and product lines.
  • Cross-correlate products, families, and product lines to understand common demand drivers and synergies.
  • Share orders analysis and forecasts. Collaborate cross-functionally.
  • Facilitate the S&OP product forecast consensus process.

About Us

Demand Analytix helps companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that drive and shape product demand to meet and exceed financial goals. We do this through our consulting practice, professional services, and Business Analytics applications, which include Third Party software and our ForecastWorkbenchTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

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