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ForecastWorkbench's Advantages Over Spreadsheets:


ForecastWorkbench makes analysis easy and interactive:

  • ForecastWorkbench integrates product sales analysis and forecasting. Its built-in analysis tools are easy to use and interactive, saving time and enabling quality analysis.
  • Orders data is not compressed or stripped of variables that can be used for deeper analysis. Data can be easily sliced and diced by any orders data field, with the results automatically displayed in side-by-side table and chart views.

There is no wasted time spent on maintaining spreadsheets:

  • With ForecastWorkbench, orders data is uploaded to a database table that is shared by all invited users. Unlike spreadsheets, each user does not need to manage their own data set.
  • Products are automatically grouped by product family and product line, and transactions are automatically mapped and summed into fiscal periods.
  • Unlike spreadsheets, users of ForecastWorkbench do not create and maintain complicated spreadsheet formulas.
  • Spreadsheets require the user to set up a separate chart for every product to visualize orders and forecasts. With ForecastWorkbench, a chart and data table are automatically displayed side-by-side.

ForecastWorkbench makes collaboration easy:

  • With ForecastWorkbench, all product managers can share the same database tables. Each of them can analyze the cross-correlations between their product lines. Each of them can also view the other product managers' forecasts.
  • Overall team productivity and analysis are greatly improved. ForecastWorkbench's built-in analysis and forecasting tools make product sales analysis and forecasting easier, faster, higher quality, and collaborative.

 ForecastWorkbench can help quantify forecasts and improve accuracy:

  • With ForecastWorkbench, the deviations between actual orders and the forecast are tracked. A Forecast Folder that was created six months ago can be opened to view the forecasts that were created then and compare them with actual orders up to the present. 
  • ForecastWorkbench's product sales analysis tools bring greater insight into what is driving sales, improving the ability to quantify forecasts.
  • ForecastWorkbench's forecasting environment provides for forecast calculation assists and automated visualization of the forecast and order trends
  • A product forecast can be split into multiple “partial forecasts” for greater granularity.
  • ForecastWorkbench enables documenting forecast assumptions and forecasting with events, such as marketing promotions.
  • Because of the ability to view both the assumptions and the forecast deviations from actual orders, the organization can apply what it has learned from experience to future forecasts.

 ForecastWorkbench facilitates forecast review and the management consensus process:

  • ForecastWorkbench provides for a forecast review module that automatically rolls-up the forecasts. From a Forecast Review Wall, the user can view roll-ups for all product lines collectively, any one product line and its families, any family within a product line and its products, and a product itself.
  • Without needing an “analyst-in-the-loop,” anyone can view the financial and order quantity roll-ups at any time. For instance, a product manager can review the forecast roll-up of his/her product line after a first-pass of the product forecasts and can iterate if the total roll-up is unacceptably low or high.
  • The previous forecast can be compared with the most recent one to show what has changed and the impact on total forecasted bookings.
  •  ForecastWorkbench makes "slicing" forecasts easy to develop and present. For example, if reviewing the forecast by Region is required, then ForecastWorkbench makes setting-up forecasts and presenting by Region easy.
  • The ForecastWorkbench philosophy is to enable the Forecast Review meeting without having to create any presentations whatsoever. Our goals is to provide all the information that is necessary from ForecastWorkbench's Forecast Review Wall.
  • Once feedback from the Forecast Review is provided, forecasts are easily modified in ForecastWorkbench and roll-ups are automatic and instantaneous.

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Demand Analytix helps companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that drive and shape product demand to meet and exceed financial goals. We do this through our consulting practice, professional services, and Business Analytics applications, which include Third Party software and our ForecastWorkbenchTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

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