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Visual Tour of Demand Analytix ForecastWorkbenchTM

Demand Analytix's mission is to help companies plan, track, predict, and shape product demand in order to meet or exceed their revenue and profitability objectives. Forecast Workbench, our easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service business analytics application, supports that mission.

ForecastWorkbench Forecasting integrates forecast development into an interactive, menu-driven graphical and easy-to-use environment. Forecast folders automatically initialize, organize, and store forecasts. Built-in statistical algorithms automate forecasting.  "Optimized" forecasts are created with Prediction Intervals. Events, such as product promotions, can be added to the time series analysis to improve forecast accuracy and to estimate the events' impact on quantity, revenue and profitability.

Product sales history and forecasts are rolled up automatically from the product level to the product family and product line levels, providing quantity, bookings, gross margin and gross margin percent metrics at each level. This provides for rapid, interactive development and review of forecast scenarios against goals for different marketing, sales and product strategies. Our Deals Estimator forecasts the required number of Customer Deals needed to reach the bookings forecast. Marketing and Sales can, therefore, estimate the number of new qualified leads that are needed months in advance.

ForecastWorkbench Goals  enables users to graphically develop their product line sales and gross margin goals. Goals are graphically compared with the product line forecasts using Forecast Workbench's forecast review. Multiple goal scenarios can be created and compared against different forecast scenarios.

ForecastWorkbench Orders Analysis helps users analyze the drivers of historical product demand. They can easily slice and dice and visualize product orders history to understand product sales trends, who is buying, product orders performance versus target, and more. The Orders Analysis products comparisons tool cross-correlates sales of products, product families, and product lines. The Orders Analysis quarter tracking tool tracks orders against quarterly goals and compares normalized "trajectories" against those from previous quarters. 

ForecastWorkbench Import and Export capabilities enable ForecastWorkbench to easily import orders and product item details, such as product list price and cost, from ERP systems. With CSV export, product forecasts can be exported from Forecast Workbench. ForecastWorkbench's Netsuite Import and Export enables users to directly import orders and product item details from Netsuite reports without modifications and to export product forecasts back into Netsuite.


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Demand Analytix helps companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that drive and shape product demand to meet and exceed financial goals. We do this through our consulting practice, professional services, and Business Analytics applications, which include Third Party software and our ForecastWorkbenchTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

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