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ForecastWorkbench Tour Videos

Video: AutoForecast

With AutoForecast, multiple product forecasts are automatically calculated in a batch. 

View our 2:00 minute AutoForecast Video.


Video: Forecasting with Events 

View the the Forecasting with Events video that shows how easy it is to add events, such as product promotions, to your forecasting timeline. 

By taking advantage of ForecastWorkbench's Forecasting with Events, users are able to:

  1. quantify the effects of historical and forecasted events on product demand quantity, revenue, gross margin, and even gross margin percent. No more hand waving and guesstimates.
  2. have a record of events and their effects, thereby allowing them to better plan and predict a future event's impact,
  3. compare the impact of events with actual results after they occur. Events and forecasts are retained in forecast folders, and the actual sales results are automatically displayed in the folder's charts and tables when folders are opened.
  4. create different forecast scenarios with different demand shaping events.
  5. forecast more accurately.  


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Slideshow: ForecastWorkbench Advantages Over Spreadsheets

View the Product Sales Orders Analysis for Product Managers presentation that provides an Overview of ForecastWorkbench's advantages over spreadsheets and pivot tables:



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