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Demand Analytix Presents Numbers in Local Country Format

Numbers, such as revenue and price, can now be presented in local country formats for the US, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and Spain. 


October 16, 2017   Burlingame, California

Demand Analytix has added the ability to change the country format for numbers, such as price and revenue. Users can easily change the format using a selection form that is accessible from their subdomain's homepage. The available number formats have been extended from the US to China, France, Germany, Mexico, Singapore and Spain. This expands Demand Analytix's reach to international countries. 

Different Country Formats Explained

In the US, a number's thousands separator is a comma and the decimal point is a period. However, in other countries the thousands separator can be a space or a period, and the decimal point can be a comma. For instance, in Germany, the thousands separator is a period and the decimal point is a comma. 

A First Step to Full Internationalization and Localization

Numbers localization enables international users to take full advantage of all Demand Analytix's capabilities. Numbers can be localized in all Demand Analytix applications, including Orders Analysis, Forecast Workbench, Forecast Review, Goals Workbench, and Deals Estimator. Also, numbers represented in local country format can be imported into Demand Analytix and exported. For example, forecasts developed using Demand Analytix can be imported into an ERP, such as Netsuite, in local country format.

This first step demonstrates Demand Analytix's architecture and technologies cabilities to internationalize and localize, as well as the power of Demand Analytix's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to deliver localization to users on demand. 

Demand Analytix's language is currently only English and will be extended to foreign languages as demand for those languages build.


Numbers localization for the country formats cited here is available immediately to all subscribers of 

Demand Analytix offers the only SaaS software that integrates orders analysis, product forecasting, and financial roll-ups showing net revenue and gross margin. It has been developed by product managers for product managers and PL owners and reflects product management best practices.

Demand Analytix's mission is to help companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that shape future product demand in order to meet or exceed their revenue and profitability objectives. We do this through affordable Business Analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and professional services. Demand Analytix is the only demand forecasting software that is a Software-as-a-Service and that is targeted at product line managers and product marketing managers. 

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Demand Analytix helps companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that drive and shape product demand to meet and exceed financial goals. We do this through our consulting practice, professional services, and Business Analytics applications, which include Third Party software and our ForecastWorkbenchTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

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