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Demand Analytix v3.0 Adds Goals Workbench Module 

Additional New Capabilities Include Gross Margin, Gross Margin Percent and Price Discount Roll-Ups


February, 2015       San Francisco, California

With Demand Analytix 3.0, product line managers, product marketing managers, and analysts have a collaborative product and marketing planning tool that enables them to more quickly identify product and marketing strategies to meet and exceed goals. Demand Analytix enables them to quickly view and understand the drivers for product sales trends, create different product line bottoms-up forecast scenarios based on different strategies, and compare forecast scenarios against goals. 

Users of Demand Analytix can now access the Goals Workbench, a new application module within the Demand Analytix software-as-a-service. Goals Workbench interoperates synergistically with Demand Analytix's existing modules, Orders Analysis and Forecast Workbench. With Goals Workbench, users can set and save different revenue and gross margin goal scenarios for their product lines. Goal scenarios can be compared against product line forecasts within Forecast Workbench. Users can either manually enter goals into Goals Workbench or take advantage of calculation assists to rapidly create goals based on actual sales histories.

In addition to Goals Workbench, the new Demand Analytix release adds gross margin, gross margin percent, and price discount roll-ups in Orders Analysis and Forecast Workbench. Orders Analysis enables users to graphically view their product sales histories so they can more quickly and easily identify trends. Up to now, sales histories metrics have included quantity, revenue, and net price. With the Demand Analytix v3.0 release, users can now view gross margin, gross margin percent, and price discounts, in addition to quantity and revenue. Moreover, each of these metrics are automatially rolled-up through the hierarchical levels that make up the company's product lines -- from the product level, to product family, to the product line, to multiple product lines.

Similarly, Forecast Workbench can now be used to forecast quantity, revenue, gross margin, gross margin percent, and price discount. Forecast roll-ups to the product family and product line levels for each of the metrics are automatically computed once product forecasts are completed. Forecasts for each of the metrics can be viewed within Forecast Workbench and compared against product line goals (set using Goals Workbench) and other forecast scenarios, including a previous forecast. 

Demand Analytix v3.0 adds these important new capabilities without adding to Demand Analytix's subscription cost. All subscribers to Demand Analytix gain access to v3.0 immediately. 

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