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Demand Analytix Compares Forecasts from the Sales Organization Against the Marketing Forecast

Displays the Gap Between the Marketing and Sales Forecasts Enabling Reaching a Management Consensus Forecast Faster


October, 2015       San Francisco, California

Demand Analytix users can now import product forecasts from the Sales organization and compare them with the Marketing (or Product Management) derived forecasts created using Demand Analytix. The forecasts from Sales and Marketing can then be visually compared in Demand Analytix's Forecast Review, which displays in chart and table views the difference between the forecasts' revenues, gross margins, and quantities.

Since forecasts are automatically rolled up by Demand Analytix to the product family, product line, and multi-product line levels, management can instantly visualize the revenue, profitability, and quantity differences (or gap) between the Sales and Marketing forecasts and the differences each one has on the organization's top and bottom line.

Demand Analytix's graphical forecasting tools, combined with the ability to quickly iterate between forecast editing and forecast review, enables users to rapidly iterate on the forecast to arrive at a management consensus quickly.

In addition, Demand Analytix's import capability enables users to forecast products using software other than Demand Analytix, such as spreadsheets, and still benefit from Demand Analytix's many advantages. They include Demand Analytix's automated forecast financial roll-ups, automated Forecast Review, and forecast archival capability with automated comparison against other forecasts and actual sales.

Existing users of Demand Analytix's Software-as-a-Service can take advantage of this new capability immediately.

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