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Demand Analytix Adds Netsuite Integration

New Capabilities Enable Netsuite Users to Seamlessly Access Demand Analytix's Superior Product Forecasting Capabilities


July, 2015       San Francisco, California

Netsuite users can now take advantage of Demand Analytix's superior visual product forecasting capabilities with no need to modify or transform data that is imported and exported between the two Software-as-a-Service platforms. Simply create standard reports for orders and items (products) in Netsuite and import them into Demand Analytix. Similarly, export Demand Analytix generated forecasts directly into Netsuite.

Demand Analytix Advantages for Netsuite Users

The advantages for Netsuite users include:

  • Visualize orders history alongside forecast during forecast creation. Unlike Netsuite, Demand Analytix provides both table and chart views of historical product orders and the forecast. Also, Demand Analytix users can take advantage of a wider variety of forecast calculation assists and other forecasting capabilities such as the ability to forecast by "attach rate" to a product family or product.
  • Automated roll-up of forecasts to forecasted topline revenues and gross margin. With Demand Analytix, product forecasts create not only a quantity forecast, but also forecasts for net revenues, price discount, and gross margin. Forecasts are rolled up automatically into Family forecasts, Productline forecasts, and multi-Productline forecasts. At each of these levels, forecasts for quantities, net revenues, gross margin, and gross margin percent are automatically created.
  • Save forecasts and compare forecasts with other forecasts, actuals, and goals. With Demand Analytix, forecasts are saved in separate forecast folders. Forecasts can be visually compared with one another. In addition, forecasts can be compared visually against financial goals. Each forecast folder, when opened, is automatically populated with actual orders and the deviation between actual orders and forecast is shown. This holds the forecaster more accountable and enables organization learning.
  • Enhanced sharing, collaboration, and decision making. Demand Analytix makes it easy for users to share and visualize product forecasts and their financial roll-ups. Since roll-ups occur automatically as soon as product forecasts are complete, the forecast iteration cycle is greatly shortened. A company forecast consensus can be arrived at more quickly and more pain-free.

Demand Analytix adds these important new capabilities without adding to Demand Analytix's subscription cost. All subscribers to Demand Analytix gain access to the new Netsuite integration capabilities immediately. 


Capability Details

More details on how Demand Analytix interacts with Netsuite are provided here:

  1. Import orders transactions from Netsuite to Demand Analytix. Simply create a standard Netsuite report for product orders in Netsuite, download the report in CSV format, then upload it into Demand Analytix to create the Demand Analytix Orders table. Adding fields such as Location, Customer, Partner, Region, Sales Rep, etc. will enable the user to take advantage of Demand Analytix's ability to slice-and-dice orders history information and create forecasts based on those fields.
  2. Import item (product) detail from Netsuite to Demand Analytix. Create a standard Netsuite report that consists of product identifiers (Netsuite item names), product description, manufacturing location, class or product grouping, retail price, cost, Active or Inactive status, and whether or not the product's Replenishment Method is Time-Phased. Upload that CSV file directly into Demand Analytix to create the Products Table.
  3. Export product forecasts from Demand Analytix to Netsuite. Product forecasts can be created in Demand Analytix by Netsuite "location" using Demand Analytix's folder filter capability. For instance, a Netsuite customer may have a San Francisco location and a Boston location for manufacturing or distribution purposes. Product forecasts are set up automatically for each location. Also, Demand Analytix will classify or group products into Families and Product lines in a fashion that is consistent with Netsuite's product class or groupings classification. Forecasts will be automatically set-up by product class. After creating demand forecasts in Demand Analytix, export the demand plans in the form of a CSV file and import it directly into Netsuite using Netsuite's import demand plan transaction capability.


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