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Introducing Demand Analytix Orders Analysis

March, 2013  Capitola, California

Product managers and product marketing managers are being stretched to the limits and are taking on more and more responsibilities every year. I know of one product manager who is responsible for an entire $100 Million+ product line consisting of four product famililies and over twenty SKU's. Just over two years ago, the same product line was being managed by four product managers. And that's with a large, successful high tech company with tons of cash.

That same product manager still needs to take on the full spectrum of things in the 5-P's that are expected of product managers: Product, Positioning, Pricing, Promotion, and Place. A product management responsibility that runs across the 5 P's, but is not explicitly taught in product management courses or even talked much about in product management forums, is something that I call "Product Management Operations". It includes all the activities that are associated with managing the product lifecycle, and encompasses working with sales, finance, engineering, and ops on product planning and working with ops on demand forecasting and inventory management. Few accessible and economic tools exist that help product managers when it comes to these activities. Most product managers still continue using mainly spreadsheets to understand product sales order trends and for forecasting.

Demand Analytix's mission is to provide product line P&L leaders with accessible and economic software tools and services to help them gain clearer and faster insight into the drivers of product demand and that will help them plan, forecast, and shape demand.

We are pleased to introduce our first service, Demand Analytix Orders Analysis, which can save product managers and product marketing managers hours every month in their sales orders analyses and be more effective in collaborating with their managers, operation, finance, and other members of the product management team. 

We hope that you become an early adopter of Demand Analytix. We know you will benefit, and you will help our great cause at the same time.

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Demand Analytix helps companies develop product, marketing, and sales strategies that drive and shape product demand to meet and exceed financial goals. We do this through our consulting practice, professional services, and Business Analytics applications, which include Third Party software and our ForecastWorkbenchTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

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